ArtForma Georgetown

The ArtForma Gallery is housed by a co-operative space contractual lease held by "The Hammie Salon".    ArtForma takes possession of the space each second week of the month, giving  curation and administration  to the ArtForma Artist of the month.  We have held this arrangement, for solo exhibitions since February of 2018, and will continue the realtionship as long as we  have individual donor contributions that afford the space, in addition to willing hosts, artists and facilitators who make the installations possible.  :)

Thank you Hammie Salon for this WONDERFUL VENUE!!

ArtForma Exhibition space is on the 2nd level of the Hamilton Building in Georgetown, Suite C

6007 12th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98108

Artforma Lake Union

Co-op with the College Club

ArtForma is engaging with a new space on Lake Union, which will offer traditional artists a long term venue to display and sell their work.  The College Club is a rowing and social club and attracts many kinds of groups to its catered events and recreational activities. 

This arrangment is under negotiation right now, but we expect full occupancy by Fall of 2018. 

College Club Address:

11 E. Allison St. Seattle, WA 98102

Georgetown Arts AND Cultural Center

We are excited by this colloboration with the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center.  We are still in negotiation regarding our commitment and partnership...but stay tuned to this space to learn more about how ArtForma will partner with local artists to offer additional art spaces and nurture our creative community! 

5809 1/2 Airport Way S.
Seattle WA, 98108
(206) 851-1538