ArtForma would like to give opportunity for patrons of the arts to seek out works for private commisisons.  ArtForma does not recieve a fee for this service from artists, but happily accepts donations to our cause for operations, materials, maintence and (hopefully someday) staffing.



  • PAINTING- Sorneson Li Collection of American Art

-The Dissident Series-

 We are acting in the capacity of liaison and facilitator to develop a body of work called the Dissidents Project.  The Project consists of approximately Eight emerging artists who will depict a specified historical figure, to be shown, together in a group or traveling exhibition.

The Artists: Artists will be chosen by their developed skill within the oil medium.  Qualifying artists will be critiqued on subjects-matter relevance to space, painting surface, quality of line and brush-stroke, coloration and connectedness of the above. 

The Commission: Artists will be asked to provide a price sheet of current and recently sold works to help determine price.  Each artist has a maximum cap per commission.  Artists are asked to furnish their own materials, but we ask of high quality canvas and stretcher bars.  Terms and payment to be decided.

The Work: Artists are asked to paint the portraits in a scale that is roughly, 36” x 60”, in oil, on canvas of high quality.  Portraits are expected to be connected to a background and foreground through reasonable dimensionality, and be inclusive of artifacts of their particular stories.  We seek visual representation for each historical figure regarding their historical artifacts of place, time and objects.  We also will be seeking works that suggest consciousness within figurative subjects, such that expresses their private personas.  Set-ups and scripting is up to the artist, though we goal to have the assembled works to connect to one another through size, material, and style

The Patron:  The patron to this project is a local medium-level Art Collector.  This project is fully funded by this patron, though the project in its entirety is being contracted through the service and expertise of Dede Falcone, founder and Executive Director of ArtForma.  ArtForma acts as the facilitating body, and natural connection point for emerging artists in the Greater Seattle Area.  Any payments to artists will be provided by the patron directly. 

The Submission

Submission is open until all 8 commissioned works are filled. 

Round 1- Please submit up to 5 samples of your work, with at least two portraits.  Please include your CV, and a brief artist statement.  Please adhere all images and documentation to a single MS Word Document attachment to the following email:

Round 2- If you are a good candidate for the commission, we will schedule a phone interview, a studio visit, and further discussion of the project, prices, materials due dates and sketches. 

The Opportunity: This commission is structured to support emerging artists, to gain exposure as a group show but also have potential to be part of a traveling exhibition.