The single most important criteria to being a serious artist is being a serious student.  As we grow in our practice, we also must grow in our reach.  As we stretch ourselves, experiment, and more importantly -fail, our art becomes better.  Excellence is more than a frame of mind, it is a conversation between you and your work, and your work with others.  It is a continuous circle, that require continuous streamlining: drawing, color theory, growth in technique, flexibility in materials, and willingness to make mistakes.  As our organization continues to grow and root in our communities, we intend to engage education as foundational principal to great art-making.  

If you are seeking Instruction or Critique, send and email for a consultation:



As a 501c3 Nonprofit organization, we accept submission for gallery exhibition, but extend  the invitation to only one artist a month.   The criteria for an invitation, is based solely on the strength of the artist portfolio.  We ask to see an artists' Resume, Personal Statement, website, and other materials that can help fill in the story; but ultimately reserve the right to offer the space to artists who we believe to be under-recognized, and are ready to get to the next level in their creative career.  We also believe that sales are critical to the success of the artist as well as to the health of a thriving artist ecosystem.  As we develop additional relationships, some artworks- though technically very good- do not fit in the spectrum of the venue.  ArtForma is open to adding venues that would support different genre, style, and technical skillsets, based on the audience that would be most receptive to that work.  

To be selected as an exhibitor with an ArtForma Venue please submit the following

1.) 5 high resolution (professional) images

2.) Resume

3.) Artist Statement

4.) Price List with sizes, titles, medium and location

We ask for no submission fee.  If interested, we will respond with an email seeking face-to-face viewing of the art.  Often times, the art is not yet ready to show, or needs additional time for growth,   as an educational venue we will do our best to clarify how you can progress the work  to be show ready for the future.  


Our Nonprofit Status, and lean staff make it challenging for us to provide a full service sales environment.  In the early day of Galleries, it was the Gallerists who brought artists into their own-selves and styles.  Gallerists  gave direction of framing and materials, they were pro-art/pro-artist agents, as much as they are pro-sales gallerists.  That gallerist-mentor model is difficult to find, however; artist still need outside opinion in order to prepare their work to be sold.  Selling art is the life-line to an artists production, economy, and mental stability(!) :) With this in mind we advocate for artists to have a business license, and have a business mindset associated with the sale of their own work.  Once an artist develops this mindset, they often take their work and materials more seriously, but most important they start to shift their consciousness from the static "I" model, to a more dynamic "they" model.  

A Shift in Consciousness: 
Great Art Builds Great Art Communities

The shift in consciousness is one of the critical elements to finding one's true voice in art-making.   Not everyone makes the shift in the same way, but through the lens of critique (what other artists see) and prospect of sales (what the public sees) will dramatically improve an artist understanding of their work, and help direct their actions to professionalize and to legitimize their craft.  Here are ArtForma we seek to build a network of artists at all levels who can come together as resources for one another.  Thus the Artist Community built, will strengthen the art-market with solid works which in turn will develop new art appreciators and collectors, thus benefiting  sales all around.