Book Release: The Lines that Separate us

For Nathans Website    click here

For Nathans Website click here


Nathan Vass: Kindness in a Glance

OCTOBER 13th 2018

Nathan Vass is one of those special people who feels deeply and sees clearly with judicious non-judgment and benevolent empathy. Don’t get me wrong- these works are not sentiment or driven by romanic idealism, they are defined by their environments and give depth of feeling as well as intellectual relevance. And relevant they are; the word that comes to mind for me is timely. They represent the humanity and the frailty that is sometimes only seen fleetingly. They give us courage to see these troubling times which we live, through a thoroughly humanistic approach. They disrupt the antogonist-protagonist dialog in our everyday lives and dispel the cynical to reveal singular and simplistic beauty.

The photographs of this show go beyond just imagery, this emergent artist has crafted a fine-art print from film, giving his audience a lesson in honoring the imperfection of a technology that offers beauty in the uncontrolled; much like what he captures in his lens. This work is solid: technically, theoretically, and creatively. We are proud to support the work of this up-and-coming-icon of the Seattle Art Landscape.

Nathan is more than just a photographer, he has captured the minds and hearts of over 2000 readers of his blog as a bus driver in South Seattle. His word-smithing has lead to the release of his first book entitled “The Lines Between Us”. We are pleased to announce that this chronicle of his experiences will be available and on sale on ArtAttack, so come early before they sell out!