Our Mission

To bring fine art to the public eye, building a network of artists, and raising the standards of how art is perceived and executed. 

Our Vision

To establish a visually and culturally literate Creative-Community by providing the following type of spaces needed to create an arts-economy from the grassroots:

INFORMAL EXHIBITION spaceswhere artists gain moderate visibility from a large quantity of people

FORMAL EXHIBITION spaces to accommodate gallery shows and revenue producing sales, where artists gain credibility and influence with potential clients, art-appreciators and collectors.

CRITIQUE  where artists can come back to basics and consider their work critically and without judgment. 

We also hope to grow into the role where we can present lecture, workshops and classes.  

How We Achieve It

  •  We seek to serve Member-Artists as our primary stakeholders
  •  We seek to build a network of artists at many levels of skill, training, and genre. 
  • We seek to establish creative hubs across the Eastside and Seattle providing educational, professional, and psychological support.  
  • We seek strategic partners with other nonprofits, community groups, private clubs, public agencies and corporations.  
  • We seek private, public and individual contributions to provide space where emergent and mid-career artists can exhibit, sell and maintain their creative practice.


Our Value to the Community

We believe that Art should be without pretense: giving voice to the beautiful, sensitive, and emotionally evocative at all levels. We do this by elevating artists, and also through the connection of education, exhibition, and mentorship to artists, appreciators and collectors alike.

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“Certainty is a valuable delusion”
— Robert Diebenkorn

Please consider a donation.  Building a creative ecosystem isn't easy or cheap.  

YOUR TAX FREE GIFT will provide operational, technical and administrative support to keep our programs running, but also  will supplement critical infrastructure and lease space in an expensive city.  

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